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Fight Breast Cancer: Read a Book

Two authors lead the creation of essay anthology to benefit organizations fighting breast cancer

Best selling author Tess Hardwick of Seattle and Tracey Hansen of Florida, frustrated by the pain and suffering breast cancer has inflicted on their loved ones, determined to take action and put their talents to a good cause.

The result of their creative energy is WRITE FOR THE FIGHT: A COLLECTION OF SEASONAL ESSAYS, crafted from the hearts and souls of thirteen unique and inspirational writers, for which all author royalties will be donated to organizations fighting breast cancer.  The writers each respond to personal, thoughtful questions about the seasons of life we move through, from the age of five to eighty.

The passion to fight breast cancer runs deep with the writers. Hardwick shares personal stories of her friends and family impacted by the disease, “These are all young women, conscientious about their health, fit and strong. But cancer knows no boundaries, no rules. It is the universal equalizer. And, it leaves motherless children in its wake, and friends and spouses who must figure a way to move forward into the empty space left behind by a woman they love.”

Breast cancer is undoubtedly a deadly and prevalent disease.  According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, each year nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die.

The questions for the book were inspired by a weekly guest post series Hardwick runs on her personal blog, Inspiration for Ordinary Life, in which guest bloggers share what they would tell their twenty-year-old selves.  Hansen was one of the first guests to be featured, writing with her trademark humor and straight-shooting personality.

When asked how she felt about being asked to co-author the project with Hardwick, Hansen shares, “I was both flattered and confused. Why me? I’m just a foul mouthed blogger, whose most recent post was about what women think while watching porn, and she is a brilliant author with a bestselling NOOK book.  Then Tess helped me to realize that it doesn’t matter what walk of life we come from, what our goals are, where we live or how much money we have, we all have been affected or know someone who has been affected by cancer. I immediately knew we were meant to be partners on the project.”

WRITE FOR THE FIGHT is currently available on  Selected by Barnes and Noble for participation in their exclusive NookFirst program, WRITE FOR THE FIGHT will be solely available on Nook for the first month, after which it will be more widely available in print and other ebook formats.


Heather Ludviksson


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